About Us

Who is Seatrade Europe?

Seatrade Europe is part of the Seatrade Group which currently trades and operates in 6 continents and over 20 countries. With strong business networks across the globe, the company possesses the expertise to source and promote the highest quality products.

Our Vision and Philosophy

We at Seatrade are committed to providing fresh, great tasting Food products to today’s families. We will deliver brands that are consistent in quality to meet our customer’s expectations while focusing on the earth sustainability.

Guiding Principles

Commitment to quality is our goal. We are driven by our consumers demand, continuous innovation and excellent service. Our associates are passionate about being the best performers and take pride in delivering excellence to our customers while maintaining superior shareholder value.

Social Responsibility

People…Communities…Earth sustainability At Seatrade, our efforts are towards creating and preserving jobs, enhancing our role in our community and preserving the environment. We have been in the Food Supply Chain since 1972. Our Long Term Commitment is to improve our business globally and for many years to come we are also committed to the earth sustainability and preserving the environment. We ensure that we minimize the use of Chemicals and Pesticides in all of our products. At Seatrade, we seek sound growth through practical, proactive decision making. Sustainability is a fundamental value in achieving our company initiatives.